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FRENCH COURSES FOR ADULTS  (please read below for summer course)

This course takes place all around the year, in 48-hours sessions. It gives students the opportunity to improve thoroughly in all the aspects of French, focusing on oral skills and the ability to communicate as well as on grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing skills. You can choose between two schedules: once a week or twice a week. Classes generally take place in the evening time but we offer also morning classes.

Our next classes will start in February. Join us !


Langage Level Days of class Starting day Class time
A1.1 Sunday 17/02/2019  6 – 9 pm
A1.2 Wednesday 13/02/2019  9 – 12 am
Monday 18/02/2019  6 – 9 pm
A2.1 Wednesday 13/02/2019  6 – 9 pm
A2.2 Monday 18/02/2019  9 – 12 am
B1.1 Tuesday 19/02/2019  6 – 9 pm
B1.2 Tuesday 26/02/2019  6 – 9 pm
B2.1 Monday 18/02/2019  9:30 – 12:30 am
B2.2 Monday 25/02/2019  6 – 9 pm

You can also download the schedule here  : PlanningCours_Hiver2019_Adults_EN


1950 ILS / 1795 ILS for students & retreats.
Re-entry price : 1640 ILS

During your French lesson session, you can enjoy from the library service for free.

Payment is in check (maximum 2 checks) or cash.
We do not accept credit card.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to buy books for your French courses: we have a multimedia library, but we don’t sell books!



Every summer we offer you to choose between to intensive schedules : 80 hours (4 days a week / morning classes) or 48 hours (2 days a week / evening classes)
Next sessions in July & August 2019 !





For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
by email:
or phone:  02.6243156 #1  / 02.6255831